How To Build A Gaming Computer For Under $1000

How To Build A Gaming Computer For Under $1000
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Have you ever wished you could build your very own gaming computer at a cheap price? Gaming computers sold by manufacturers like Alienware, Gateway or Dell will cost a lot more money, anywhere from $2000 to $4000.

In my new 67-page eBook How To Build A Gaming Computer For Under $1000, I show you how to build your own gaming computer for under $1000 – without compromising the quality of hardware and gaming performance.

I know how hard trying to build your own computer can be. As a newbie to the world of computer building you have to learn how to select the best components, pick up various new technical terms like PCI Express, SATA and RAID, and also grapple with installing and configuring the hardware.

Even for seasoned computer builders, getting a list of the best components and still staying within your budget can be a challenge.

Ive been building computers for 20 years now. I started off trying to get my computer to work with the latest games in the early 1990s and in the process went through a lot of frustration and pain.

With each computer I built, I gained valuable experience and have kept up with the latest computer technologies. How To Build A Gaming Computer For Under $1000 is a culmination of my experience in building gaming computers, presented in one easy-to-read volume.

Heres a portion of my Table of Contents in the eBook How To Build A Gaming Computer For Under $1000. Each section in the 67 pages is explained in painstaking detail, with over 50 full-color photos.

Heres a screenshot of one of the pages describing how to install the CPU, heatsink and fan onto the motherboard:

And heres another screenshot of a page explaining how to boot up the computer and configure the BIOS.

Selecting and buying the best components for your gaming rig is THE most important part of the computer building process.

Select the wrong CPU, motherboard, video card or some other component and you’ll build a system that works but does not deliver the gaming performance you need.

Do yourself a favor and read How To Build A Gaming Computer For Under $1000. It will help you:

Buying a list of components for your gaming computer is easy. Installing and configuring them to build a functioning gaming PC that screams in 3D performance is another matter.

In my eBook How To Build A Gaming Computer For Under $1000, I will show you exactly how to install each and every component in your new computer.

I hold nothing back – everything from CPU, heat sink and fan installation to motherboard jumper configuration and hard drive par ioning – it’s ALL here. And with full-color photographs for each installation step.

Forget about those bits and pieces of “build your own computer” knowledge you find in the library or the Internet. My eBook is the ONLY encyclopedic reference you’ll need.

Are you a computer newbie or get all panicky when it comes to anything related to computer technology?

My eBook, How To Build A Gaming Computer For Under $1000 will provide you with a full section on the basics of personal computer hardware.

This power-packed introduction to PC hardware will get you up to speed on the most important components found in a computer, along with detailed explanations of terms like PCI Express, SATA, USB, IDE, IRQ ports, system bus, RAM, par ioning, formatting, etc.

The jargon is completely translated into layman language even a child could understand. Read this section and youll be able to:

If youre interested in experimenting and trying out different configurations for your new gaming computer, you might be hesitant to go with the first set of components I recommended.

I know how inquisitive and curious the budding computer builder is. What Ive done is to include a section with even more sample configurations for a gaming computer. Just in case you don’t like the first components I’ve recommended.

Each of these configurations still cost you less than $1000 and they do not compromise on performance. You will still get top-notch speed for your 3D games. Feel free to use these configurations to build your computer instead. All the installation instructions can still be used.

Yes, building your own gaming computer can be very confusing if not downright demoralizing if you dont understand whats going on.

Thats why in How To Build A Gaming Computer For Under $1000, Ive provided you with a super one-of-a-kind checklist that I created myself, based on my years of computer building expertise.

This checklist provides all the pre-installation and post-installation checks you need to make when you build your own computer. Simply print it out, stick it on your computer case or some convenient… Read more…

How To Sell – Powerful Sales Closing Techniques

How To Sell - Powerful Sales Closing Techniques
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Have you ever left a sales presentation with a feeling that you’ve just bought? You’ve bought the “stall”, the excuse or the “think it over”. In other words, the buyer has done a great job in selling to you! 

You may have invested considerable time and effort on your sales presentation; you’ve provided the solution to the buyer’s problems; you’ve given a great product presentation and you’ve offered the keenest price. The prospect has listened intently and shown interest throughout. But, when you tried to close the sale, he popped out some lame excuse for why he couldn’t make a decision today and sold you the stall!

You know it’s a stall – you’ve heard it hundreds of times before from other prospects – and yet you just could not find a way around it to close the sale. It may be “I’ll get back to you” or “I’ll think it over for a few days”. However justifiable the words – it’s a still a stall!

There are two sellers on every call – either they’ll buy your product or you’ll buy their excuses!

You’ve done a great sales presentation, using all your best techniques for closing sales. But, when the buyer says “I’ll think it over”, do you feel that you have nowhere left to go? Are you so accustomed to accepting the buyer’s stalling tactics that you immediately pack up and admit defeat?  If you do, you are not alone! Sellers can become conditioned by astute buyers into “buying the stall”, and they believe (quite mistakenly) that there is no way around this situation.

Most sellers tend to do one of two things after they leave a sales call that they’ve failed to close. They will either justify the no-sale as “just not in the market” or “couldn’t afford it”, or anything else that sounds plausible and lets them (the sellers) off the hook.

Or, they’ll get mad, because they know they’ve been sold to – but, they don’t know where or why it went wrong.

“The stall came out of the blue, right at the end when I expected them to sign up…..” 

“I gave that call everything – I just don’t know how I could have lost it….” etc etc.

100 Presentations: 33 Sales Closed: 10 Uncloseables (product genuinely unable to fulfil customer requirements, for instance).

That leaves 57 closeable situations where the prospect did not buy; 57 selling opportunities where the seller has provided unpaid consultancy! 

Just think about this – you’re giving your knowledge, your experience and your time to help these buyers purchase elsewhere! Ouch!  

They know that this recession has made it very much a buyer’s market and they’re out to save every penny. They will not roll over and hand you their credit cards just because you’ve done a great product presentation! But, REMEMBER, they’ll gladly accept your free consultation, and then sell you the stall! 

Even the hardiest of sellers can be worn down by the repeated rejection and frustration that goes hand-in-hand with losing sales – especially when they know that, on many occasions, the “I’ll think it over” really could have been a “Where do I sign?”.

We all know that today’s buyers are razor sharp. They’re also educated and experienced in handling sellers. They have everything on their side – consumer reports, Watchdog TV shows, newspaper articles, plus a vast resource of information on the web. They have plenty of ammunition and they’re not afraid to use it!

But what do most sellers do to handle this new breed of “super buyer”. Nothing! That’s right – most sellers do NOTHING. They carry on blaming their low conversions on the economy, the price of their product, the world markets, the weather, the time of year, the buyer! They drown in a sea of excuses……rather than admit to themselves that maybe they could have done better!

What do they do to improve their selling skills and techniques? Nothing. How much do they invest in sharpening-up their methods for closing sales? You’ve guessed it – Nothing! 

Conversely, let’s ask the same questions of the top pro-sellers and in particular, what do they do to remain at the top? The answer is – EVERYTHING! 

They hunt down every new resource for closing down sales like hungry wolves. They listen, they question and they observe. They sell through rain, shine and recession. Their bookshelves groan under the weight of books on good selling techniques, sales psychology, motivation, NLP and more. They live and breathe the business of closing sales. They never think in terms of average weeks. They smell of success. Read more…

How to create green screen virtual studios – How to Video Marketing

How to create green screen virtual studios - How to Video Marketing
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Video is now the number one must have communication tool whether you are a marketeer, an entertainer or blogger, video marketing is a priority for any type of business. Video made up 75% of the content most viewed online in 2012. 

Video will be the fastest-growing digital content category in 2013. Sure we have seen some big numbers on Online Video in the past, with both Cisco and Youtube predicting Video will be around 90 per cent of the Internet in a few years time. Now another company joins the choir, Forrester, releasing a new study that shows that 90 per cent of the online population will regularly watch online video by 2017.

Well I could even be bolder and predict that by 2015, even more people will be watching online video regularly! Lets push that 90% to 95-97?! by 2017…

You see, nobody reads very much these days so video will be the most popular medium. Allow me  to explain my facts from 2012 as I received just over 1.5 million video views myself using my virtual studios and my video marketing formula, it’s a formula I’m going to offer you the chance to copy today. But first allow me to tell you a bit more about myself and and my virtual studios marketing formula.

So you can understand where I’m coming from and see and decide if you want to copy it for yourself.

Green screen virtual studios have been used for decades in fact they were pretty much a secret only available to deep pocketed video producers who could  afford to buy or hire very high resolution video cameras.  

Thanks to the development of video cameras, today we can buy HD camcorders at very affordable prices that allow video  s to use green screening techniques such as virtual studios, video montage, commercials and more. Today you can set up a recording studio in your home, in a small room or garage for one third of the price  it used to cost, but visual virtual studios have gone off the scale due to the amount of  time  they take to create plus they also have to look real and this alone takes hours of creativity, sometimes weeks before the look of a real studio is achieved.

The use of green screen and virtual studios solves many problems when it comes to video production such as:

Virtual studios are used on news casts, business presentations, video commercials, product reviews etc, they are nearly everywhere and very hard to distinguish from the real thing sometimes, I’ve even had close friends asking me ‘Where is that room you’re  showing on the video’?

I just smile and point to the green screen, they just look completely surprised and shocked, even then sometimes I have to convince them that the studio is right here where we’re standing and I just turn on the lights and camera  and put them in the same studio and they go absolutely hysterical and this is the power of using virtual studios, as they see themselves being turned into local celebrity status.

This has the same effect with your business and services, you can either use yourself as the presenter or one of your employees and give your business that celebrity status and customer trust, you can use the visual virtual studios in any business today.

This collection contains 24 customizable green screen virtual studios. The templates are compatible with all green screen compatible programs and require no plugins.

Disclaimer. ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not cons ute an endor t, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products. Read more…

How to Find and Trade Explosive Setups for Huge Profits

How to Find and Trade Explosive Setups for Huge Profits
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Top Trading Setups provides solutions to the most common trading problems through detailed instructions and examples of how to find and trade the highest probability setups. You will learn the exact factors and steps you need to ensure consistent profitable trades. It explains proper entry, when to take profits, how to manage risk, and the reasoning behind each trade. It will also educate you concerning ways to enhance your trades with powerful tips to create thousands of dollars in additional profits.

This Guide Will Show You How to Make the MOST Money in the Shortest Amount of Time for Anyone Who is a:

This is not your ordinary information on trading. This guide is designed to only give you the precise information you need to make as much money as you possibly can in the quickest amount of time. It highlights only the top price patterns and setups that have proven consistent success and profitability. It details the steps to find and trade these trades in the least amount of time and the least amount of risk. These setups are designed to offer a high profit to loss percentage and provides techniques to reduce risk along the way.

This ebook is an instructional manual to immediately improve your results and be referred back to for many years as you develop your skill.

This is great. I’ve read literally hundreds of books on trading and investing but this guide laid things out better than any of them. In my opinion, learning which setups work and how to use them is the key to making money in trading. I’ll be using this information for as long as I trade.

I wish I had a guide like this when I started trading. It would have saved me hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.

I learned a lot from this ebook and realize things I’ve been doing wrong for a long time. I started concentrating just on what works and the recommended setups and my results improved immediately.

Once you have a good hold on the setups contained in the ebook you will want to then take it to the next level. Learn how to use the exact same setups in conjunction with a proper options strategy to significantly increase your potential return. This bonus will show you:

How would you like to double or triple your potential returns once you have mastered the incredibly profitable setups contained in the ebook? Of course you would! This bonus report covers the “Stock Replacement Strategy” which will show you exactly step by step how to implement a specific strategy to:

This is an incredible strategy that will change your life and is utilized by hedge fund managers, ins utional investors, and professional traders around the world. This report alone is more than worth the 10 times the cost of the ebook.

Do You Want to Become a Better Trader? Do You Want to Make More Money? Do You Want to Get More Winning Trades?

The information contained in this ebook has made many traders literally hundreds of thousands of dollars and it’s hard to put a price on something that can offer that. Most people think we should charge at least $300 but we have priced it at only half that amount at $149! Just one profitable trade could make this amount up many times over!

Order now and start making more profits in less time today! We feel so strongly that this information will help you that we offer a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not happy for any reason with the ebook. Read more…

How To Go OverseasHow To Go Overseas

How To Go OverseasHow To Go Overseas
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If you have game, but just need exposure to get the attention of overseas teams then this is for you.

Stop settling in life and start doing what your really want to – Hoop all day and get paid to do it.

Follow these 7 steps and put yourself in front of hundreds of coaches, agents, and scouts to eventually sign your first professional contract.

In just minutes from now you are going to learn about a new, revolutionary international basketball video e-course that empowers you with the knowledge and ability to not only get noticed by professional teams overseas, but also become a part of their roster!

My name is Augie Johnston, a pro basketball player in Germany with years of experience helping and providing players just like you with the insight needed to get signed by an international basketball franchise.

You see, as a baller myself, who came from a Division 2 school with little exposure to scouts overseas—and even America, I know that trying to make a name for yourself, getting noticed, and finding a good agent to sell you to teams overseas can be extremely hard to do, especially if you have no idea who to contact or where to start.

But regardless of w ver your experience is with playing basketball overseas, one thing is for sure: You need to follow your destiny and start living out your dream now!

The problem, however, is that for most basketball players, maybe even you, the only route is to try to make it to the NBA because they have no idea where to start when searching for a team overseas, and the NBA is way too political for small, no name players.

But after TODAY you will no longer have this problem, because with this one-of-a-kind e-course that I’ve created, you’ll be in perfect position to get noticed, picked up and signed to a contract.

In fact, if you can watch a few short videos, have decent playing skills, and can send out a few emails, then you already have all of the skills needed to:

And with this breakthrough ecourse that I’ve been telling you about, attracting an agent & getting noticed by a team overseas will be a breeze for you from this day forward!

With this easy-to-use & understand ecourse, you’ll be able to create a professional basketball profile that:

The How To Go Overseas e-course is the SOLUTION that you need to finally make your dream of playing professional basketball overseas a reality. This 7-step e-course empowers you with a variety of video courses from getting an agent, getting noticed by international teams to becoming a part of the team.

The How To Go Overseas e-course, which you are going to get instant access today in a few minutes, makes the process of playing basketball overseas fun and easy for all.

So whether you’re a player who lacks the knowledge on how to get on a team overseas or a coach, who doesn’t know where to start or how to get exposure for your players, this unique e-course now makes it possible for you to make the dream of playing overseas a reality!

The How To Go Overseas ecourse caters to your needs and helps you to get noticed and signed with an international team in only three simple steps. Read more…

How To Date Transsexual Women

How To Date Trans ual Women
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You’ve heard stories about guys pulling girls from the bar and finding out they have a little secret surprise waiting for them and you always wondered what it would be like. Are you tired of this curiosity going unfulfilled?

The Trans ual world is a closely guarded community to outsiders and unless you know the secrets of finding and dating TS women, you simply will not stand a chance. Even the most persistent guys have no idea what to do when looking for TS women that they always come up empty handed.

Most guys naively ume that they if they’re popular with the ladies then they will have no trouble pulling a trans ual woman. It’s as easy as going online and sending a few emails and they’ll be glad you did them a favor? Right?

WRONG! Most guys never understand that that no matter how good looking or wealthy they might be TS girls have seen it all. They’re used to chumps thinking they might get their fantasy night and usually p right over them.

Hell, that’s probably one of the reasons why you’re reading this. Trans ual women are a little different that the girls you’re used to and you don’t have any clue why your usual tactics simply aren’t working at all.

In this closely guarded report I lay out all the secrets to finding and dating trans ual women. You’ll figure out all the skills you need and the knowledge of little known tactics…

BUT… before I go any further and share these secrets with you, let me address the “800 pound gorilla” in the room.

You may be wondering, or even a little bit skeptical, about how I know all these secrets I’m about to share with you. Or how I’m able to pull off these feats that most guys are completely clueless about.

No, I didn’t stumble upon these secrets, nor did I simply take what’s already common knowledge in the dating world and apply it to TS women, or watch some do entary on TV about it one night. None of those things would even work and probably only set you back more.

You see, I’ve been dating beautiful TS women off and on for several years now. I’ve introduced several to my friends and even my family who were completely clueless that they were holding a special secret. I saw everything they went through, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

During this time, I met some of their friends and built genuine rapport and friendships that last even to this day. Over the years they told me everything! All their dirty secrets they had, their turns on and turn offs, and even what makes them tick.

So one day I was sitting down with my latest TS fling Bella and we decided to compile all the information we knew. I asked her everything about how she felt about dating, relationships, and even one night stands. I mixed her feelings with my own knowledge of dating TS women I developed over the years, and over several months we formed this highly instructional packet for anyone interested in dating gorgeous trans ual women. We interviewed scores of TS women to find out what they want. We edited and re-dited this guide so it presents to you only the best information to finding and dating TS women.

This guide is the result of years of personal experience of trans ual women, and an average guy that likes to seduce them.

You too, can have every one of my secrets. You can know what it’s like to date trans ual women. To have that beautiful and exotic little lady on your arms and smile as all the guys check her out.

Until now, most guys were completely clueless how to enter the world of dating trans ual women. I know this because I was once like you. There are many barriers to outsiders trying to work their way in. Most REAL TS girls won’t give guys the time of day. You can try looking through cl ified ads all day long and only end up finding scams or worse. Sometimes the results can be downright SCARY!

Previously, only a small amount of experts were able to ‘crack the code’ to finding TS women.

Once you know the secrets, you’ll be able to pickup TS Girls wherever you go. Whether you’re planning a vacation abroad, road trip to the nearest major city, and even the suburban and rural spots in various states across the U.S.

"I got out of a ten year relationship with an emotionally abusive wife. I always wanted try this but It wasn’t until I read your system was I finally able to figure it out. Well worth the money, I can’t thank you enough and I’ve been happy with my… Read more…

How to Build An Aviary

How to Build An Aviary
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African Greys Budgies Canaries Cockatiels Cockatoos Doves Finches Gouldians Lories & Lorikeets

Cheapest Materials Report The secrets to gaming a hardware store by piggybacking multiple coupons and special offers. Learn which expensive items can be easily subs uted with cheaper alternatives. Better yet, learn how you can get materials for free.

Aviary Species Guide Birds are like people – some are friendly and get along, whereas others are just plain anti-social. You should know which species can be mixed together – otherwise fights can break out. This guide gives you a comprehensive run down of which birds are compatbile, as well as pairings which should be avoided at all costs.

Bird Rooms Made Easy Discover how to construct your very own bird room. Learn how to layout and position a bird room and its staging. Why flight cages are essential and how to install them.

Cage Making Secrets Birds prefer aviaries over cages – there’s no doubt about that! But cages are still essential for: breeding, transporting, compe ion showing, quarantining, preventing fights and more. Discover how to create your very own bird cages – step-by-step.

Lifetime Membership Free access to updates for years for life. When you purchase “How To Build An Aviary” you also become a member to the I constantly improve and update my Aviary book, so you’ll get any new improvements and upgrades for free.

Try the books for 1 WHOLE YEAR and if you’re not satisfied you get a full refund. No questions asked AND you still get to keep the books for free. And on top of that I use a highly secure payment processor called Clickbank® which uses 128-bit SSL encryption technology. In fact they process millions in payments each and every day, so you know you’re in safe hands. So remember, even if it’s this week, next month or 1 Year from now, I’ll give you a refund. So I hope you can now see why this decision is risk-free: if you’re not satisfied with my book, then you get your money back and you get to keep my books for free. Read more…